A banker or trader's positions. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
A summary of a trader's or desk's outstanding positions. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary

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I. book book 1 [bʊk] noun
1. books [plural] ACCOUNTING the accounting records of a business; =account books; BOOKS OF ACCOUNT:

• The company's books are in such chaos that we won't know the truth for some time.

ˌcash reˈceived book [countable] ACCOUNTING
an account book in which the amounts of cash received are recorded
ˈduplicate book [countable] ACCOUNTING
a book used to keep a record of sales, invoices etc. There are two pages for each entry, and when you write on the top page you also produce a copy on the second page
ˈpurchase (day) book also purchases (day) book [countable] ACCOUNTING
a record of all the invoice S received by a business from its suppliers:

• Most establishments keep their purchase book in the form of a weekly invoice summary sheet.

ˈsales day book [countable] ACCOUNTING
an account book in which you record all sales of goods on credit
ˌsales ˈreturns book [countable] ACCOUNTING
an account book in which you record details of all goods returned by customers
2. books [plural] MANUFACTURING a list of a company's clients and orders for goods:

• The company has 100 firm orders for two different aircraft on its books.

3. books [plural] HUMAN RESOURCES a company's records of the people working for it:

• The 206,000 employees on its books last summer have now fallen to 185,000.

4. a book containing an official record or list
ˈbank book [countable] BANKING
a book that shows money paid into and taken out of a bank account
ˈlog book [countable]
1. an official detailed record of something:

• differences between driving times entered on log books and on drivers' pay slips

2. an official document containing details about a vehicle and the name of its owner
ˈminute book [countable]
a book containing the official written record of what is said and decided at a meeting:

• I have looked through the minute books but can find no record of the proposal.

ˈplat book [countable]
PROPERTY a public record of maps, showing how land in a particular area is divided
ˈrule book [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
a book of rules, especially one that is given to workers in a job
ˈstatutory book [countable] LAW
in Britain, one of the five books that must be kept by every limited company by law. The statutory books are the register, the register, the register, the register, and the minute book
5. FINANCE a list of the bonds, shares etc that a dealer has to offer at a particular time:

• Marketmakers were running down their books ahead of the holiday.

6. manage/​run a book FINANCE to be responsible for organizing a Securities Issue (= when new bonds, shares etc are sold):

• the financial services company that will run the book for the float

  [m0] II. book book 2 verb [transitive]
ACCOUNTING to enter a figure in a company's account books:

• The restructuring charge is to be booked in the company's second-quarter accounts.

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   A trader's record of purchases and sales in one or more financial instruments. Talking a book also means a trader commenting favourably or unfavourably on a financial instrument depending on whether he is long or short in that instrument. The 'books' is also a colloquial term referring to the overall accounting records of a business.
   ► See also Matched Book, Unmatched Book.

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book UK US /bʊk/ noun
[C] a set of pages in a cover that you read or write in: book about/on sth »

She is author of three books about criminal procedure.


The company publishes an extensive range of books.


children's/reference/self-help books


an address book

books — Cf. books
go by the book — Cf. go by the book
on the books — Cf. on the books
book UK US /bʊk/ verb
[I or T] mainly UK to arrange a place on a flight, a room in a hotel, a ticket for an event, etc. for a particular time in the future: »

Because tickets are limited, you have to book early.

book a flight/holiday/show »

When he tried to book a flight home to Australia, his credit card was refused.


book a table/room/seat.

book an appointment/meeting »

If you want to see Ms. Smith you'll have to book an appointment.

book sth for sth »

It's the day we have provisionally booked for the launch of the new media website.

See also RESERVE(Cf. ↑reserve)
[T] ACCOUNTING to make a record of something in a company's accounts: »

The loss would have been much larger had they not booked an £8m profit from property sales.

book sth in sth »

Jarvis expects to be able to book some or all of that figure in the current year's accounts.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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